How time flies

It ` s been two years since my last post. That ` s a bit scary now, isn ` t it? Thankfully, that doesn ` t automatically mean that nothing has happened in two years. Sure, 2020 wasn ` t a big year for live music. But it was a big year for life changing events. One event in particular – me and my husbands first meeting with our daughter, and her first meeting with the world. Sort of time consuming, sort of all-consuming, really. This event also made way for me and my sister, Ingunn, to make things happen musically. Only three months after the birth of my daughter, my nephew came along. So in the spring of 2021, my sister and I both found ourselves in parental leave with an opportunity to make something together. We dove into the worlds of psalms and singer/songwriter, and further developed “Kvilerom”, a project we started back in 2019. So what I want to share with you today, in this first post in a eventful while, is the song “Oh Sweetly”, originally by Solveig Slettahjell. My belly reveals that this is from our concert in Biri kirke in March 2020:

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